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W & W CO., INC. has been manufacturing products for the jewelry industry Since 1971. Wu Kuang I, better known in the industry as Mickey Wu, founded the company. In the beginning, Mr. Wu was brought into the business by Earl R. Weaver, former president and founder of Swest Inc. Therefore, Weaver and Wu were the origin of the company name.   W & W CO., INC. manufactures a variety of equipment used in the manufacture of the jewelry including equipment for casting, vulcanizing, wax injection, polishing, and plating under theprivate logo of

W & W Co., INC. also acts as sole agent for advanced machinery equipment, design and

model making, laser machines, wax, investment, rubber and alloy, etc. from all well known suppliers all over the world.

head office/factory is located in Lin Kou Industrial Park, half way between the International airport and downtown Taipei City. As an elite in the jewelry industry, Mr. Wu is continuously bringing excellent leadership and sharp vision to our company.

Together with our employees, W & W CO., INC. is working
to bring you higher quality products as our definite goal.

W & W Co., Inc. No.104, Sec.1, Fen Liao Road, Lin Kou, Taipei (24452), Taiwan, R.O.C Phone: (886) 2-2601-7601~4 ‧ Fax: (886) 2-2601-7600