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Auto-Vac/Mix Invest Machine
No.0460 240V (exclude 0457/0458 vacuum pump)

This machine is a must-have for factories. It helps not only reduce investing time but also keep air bubbles to the lowest level.

Time saving:
Four 4x7” flasks can be invested per task.
Precise time control over mixing & pouring.

Less defect rate:
Complete vacuum process ensures excellent castingresults.
.Additional agitation function helps remove air bubbles from thick slurry.

User friendly:
Two different heights allow you to choose the height that best suits you.
A built-in water wash station with hand water gun for quick and easy clean-up.
Environmental friendly. Stirring & mixing in airtight chamber avoids the risk of powder inhalation.

How to operate it:
►Place flasks into the investing chamber. Pour required amount of investment powder into the mixing tank, then the required amount of water.
►Turn on the machine and then activate vacuum valve, well mix the investment power and water then to remove the air bubbles in the slurry simultaneously.
►Release the investment tank valve, let the slurry flow down to the flasks below the tank, activate vacuum again to complete the final air bubble removal process.
►Use the built-in water gun to clean the investment tank after use. Waste water will be channeled through the drainer underneath.

Optional vacuum pump #0457 240V 60HZ or #0458 240V 50HZ is required unless you have your own vacuum pump with power higher than 1HP available.

Specifications : Dimensions of Main Unit (approx.): 67 cm (W) x 65 cm (D) x 98 cm (H)
  Height with frame leg installed (approx.):

125 cm

  Investment capacity (Max.):

20 kg

  Power: 240V, 1.6A, 60 Hz / 50 Hz
  Horse Power:

1/4 HP

  Minimum vacuum requirement: 10cfm 29.5hg
  Vacuum flow: 300 liter / min
  Inner dia. of vacuum tank: 334 mm

122 kgs (including accessories)


Inlet hose (inner dia.: 13 mm)

We include 2 different heights for you to choose from for better work needs

  (1) With high stand: 680mm (W.) x 660mm (D.) x 1395-1455mm (H)
  (2) With low stand: 680mm (W.) x 660mm (D.) x 1195-1255mm (H)

Remarks:Max. flask height: 10" (254 mm)



Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump
No.0454 120V / 150 L
240V / 150 L
220V / 300 L / 60Hz
240V / 300 L / 50Hz

This heavy – duty vacuum pump with in line filter traps preventing moisture from contaminating vacuum oil.

Designed to work with Auto - VAC / Mix Invest machine with dependability, performance and continuous duty.


 No.0454 120V / 60 Hz No.0455 240V / 50 Hz
5 CFM (150 liter / minute) – Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump
 Specifications : Vacuum pump capacity : 5 cfm 29.5" hg (150 liter / minute)
  Motor : 1/2 Hp
  Power :

No.0454 120V / 60 Hz
No.0455 240V / 50 Hz


Overall size:

510 mm x 280 mm x 360 mm (H)

1720 rpm

  Net Weight : 40 kg
  Gross weight : 60 kgs
 No.0457 240V / 60Hz No.0458 240V / 50Hz

10 cfm (300 liter / minute) – Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump for Auto-Vac/Mix Invest Machine

 Specifications : Vacuum pump capacity : 10 cfm 29.5" hg (300 liter / minute)
  Motor : 1 Hp
  Power : 240V , 50 / 60 Hz

Overall size:

650 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm (H)
  Net Weight : 69 kg
  Gross weight : 90 kgs   


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